Captain Hook

Hook (1991)

About the Costume

I’ve been a fan of the mischievous Captain Hook in his many guises for about as long as I can remember, but for me the stand out version of his attire was always that worn by Dustin Hoffman in the 1991 film, Hook. Every detail – from the elaborately embellished red and gold coat, down to the ridiculous flap on the red and black pointy shoes – was so beautifully conceived and put together that it was a costume I’d wanted to create for a long time.

During the construction of this costume, I hit a number of roadblocks in my attempt to find trims and braids that matched the original source material, so had to make do with similar ones; and painfully it wasn’t until after I’d completed and worn this that someone sent me an image of what seemed to be one of the original trims, which lead me to discover the manufacturer of the screen-used materials.

Being the perfectionist that I am, I went on to commission the production of a sufficient length of the screen-used braid by this manufacturer (which is by far the most I’ve spent on a single item for a costume), and intend to re-make a more accurate version of this cosplay sometime late in 2017.

~ Andy

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Did You Know…

It takes over 60 metres of braid in order to trim the coat and tunic of this costume.




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Header Photo

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Meta Information

Character – Captain James Hook
FilmHook (1991)
Year Completed – 2016
Time to Build – 200 hours
Worn atLondon Super Comic Con, 2016

There is a full step-by-step build guide for this costume available

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