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About the Costume

I grew up reading the Peanuts books, and as a kid had a vast selection that I would constantly flick through and enjoy. I vaguely remember trying to colour them all in at one point, but that’s a whole other story.

I’d always found Charlie Brown to be a relatable character, as he was this caricature of the “average” person, though with a pessimistic edge which bordered on nihilism; and at that age and trying to find myself in the world, I often compared myself to him. Fortunately I “found myself” at University, and that is behind me now; but this is how this costume came to be.

I was having a conversation with Dragonrider Cosplay, and we talked about the characters, and what we thought they would have gone on to do in their lives, and how they might have looked. We then decided that it might be fun to reimagine them as if they grew up inspired by the 50’s culture where they spent their early years and became a couple of rockabillies.

Due to the nature of this costume, most of the parts I simply sourced and purchased, but the bowling shirt I designed, pattern-drafted, and made from scratch myself.

~ Andy

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Did You Know…

In total there were 17,897 Peanuts comic strips created over its 50 year run.


Lucy Van Pelt

Lucy Van Pelt

Dragonrider Cosplay


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Header Photo



Meta Information

Character – Charlie Brown
SeriesPeanuts (1950 – 2000)
Year Completed – 2016
Time to Build – 10 hours
Worn atLondon Super Comic Con, 2016


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