"Dick in a Box"

The Lonely Island

About the Costume

As much as I adore creating large, intricate, and detailed cosplays, occassionally it’s nice to just throw on something simple and enjoy yourself, and that’s what this one is all about.

I decided a while ago that I want to eventually cosplay all of the characters from The Lonely Island‘s music videos, and Dick in a Box seemed like a simple enough one to kick it off with. My box contained a speaker playing the song on a loop (which let me tell you got old really fast), and a picture of Dickbutt just in case any one wanted to look inside the box (which many many did), where as my fellow co-dick opted for an image of Dick Van Dyke.

There are a bunch of videos of us grinding around the convention floor kicking around, and when I remember to go and find one I’ll add it here.

~ Andy

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Did You Know…

Dick in a Box actually won an Emmy in 2007 for “Best Original Music and Lyrics”.




Redfox Cosplay

Header Photo

Header Photo

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Meta Information

Character – Dick in a Box
SeriesLonely Island Music Video
Year Completed – 2014
Time to Build – <1 hour
Worn atLondon Film & Comic Con, 2014


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