The DovahKitty

A Skyrim / Hello Kitty OC Mashup

About the Costume

The DovahKitty is what happens when you have a massive weeaboo for a girlfriend who you somehow allow to goad you into changing your colour scheme at the last minute.

To cut a long story short, I’d decided a week before the comic con I was attending that I should speed build a Skyrim inspired Steel Armour toting Dovahkin cosplay, which is what I started to do, and then my other half at the time found that album of all of the Marvel Superheroes re-imagined as pink and glittery Hello Kitty versions of themselves (I’m sure you know the one), and the idea was struck. Unfortunately, I’m sometimes a sucker for punishment, and whilst out fabric and paint shopping a couple of days later, the range of bright pink furs caught my eye, I let out a big sigh, thought “screw it”, and you can probably figure out the rest.

Fus – Ro – Ta Dah!

~ Andy

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Did You Know…

I blame Rosita Cosplay entirely for this. If you wish to complain, please do so to her.


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Carlos Adama

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Meta Information

Character – The DovahKitty (OC)
Series – Skyrim / Hello Kitty
Year Completed – 2014
Time to Build – 20 hours
Worn atCardiff Film and Comic Con, 2014


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