Prince Oberyn

Game of Thrones

About the Costume

The day Pedro Pascal stepped onto our screen as the suave Prince Oberyn, I immediately adored the character. He had a confidence in self that demanded attention, and way of being that made him the centre of any room that he entered, and I knew I’d have to cosplay him. It also helped that that same day my inbox went wild with people saying “OMG you look just like that new Oberyn character”.

The character of Prince Oberyn was so universally adored from his first grand entrance on horseback until “that scene” with The Mountain that I knew that if I was going to cosplay it, it would have to be the best thing that I’d made up until that point, with the greatest care for detail and attention that I’d attempted to execute; and to that end I’m happy with that I accomplished.

Unquestionably, in my few years as a cosplayer, this is the costume that has gained me the largest fanbase. Over the six months that it took to make, I approached a whole new range of skills and techniques in order to match every detail as best I could and that seemed to capture the masses attention. It changed the kind of cosplayer I wanted to be, and stopped me being the kind who haphazardly threw ten a year together, and instead took his time, looked for the smallest details, and went out of my way to replicate everything to the best of my ability; a trait which is with me until this day.

The finished cosplay has been featured in newspaper articles, magazines, calendars and more “Best of Game of Thrones Cosplay” blogs than I can even begin to consider counting, and I’m constantly flattered by that.

After completing this cosplay I shamefully only wore it to one convention (though it saw me through to the finals of 2015 London Super Comic Con Costume Championship) and parted with it before participating in as many photoshoots as I might have liked, but perhaps that just leaves the door open to approach this character again sometime in the future.

~ Andy

Photo Gallery

This cosplay was featured in a Game of Thrones segment in Cos Culture Magazine. You can read it on Page 45 below.

Did You Know…

I had to hire a digital embroidery machine to sew the 32 suns that embellish this cosplay, and it still took 12 hours.


Elleria Sands

Elleria Sands

Batbunny Cosplay

Header Photo

Header Photo

Starbit Photography

Meta Information

Character – Prince Oberyn
FilmGame of Thrones
Year Completed – 2015
Time to Build – 200 hours
Worn atLondon Super Comic Con, 2015

There is a full step-by-step build guide for this costume available

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