Prince Oberyn's Spear

Game of Thrones

About the Prop

The instant I saw this spear I knew I had to make it.

I was actually the first person worldwide to create a prop of it just 72 hours after the infamous “Viper vs the Mountain” episode, which received an unreal amount of attention. Once better reference images came out, I remade it all as a moulded cast with screen accurate details and sold a load of copies. There are currently 32 of these in 17 countries around the world, and even some in the hands of the cast of Game of Thrones as it was gifted to them at the end of season 4.

~ Andy

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Did You Know

Each one of the scales on the two snakes was originally hand cut in clay. All 3600 of them.

Meta Information

Character – Prince Oberyn
SeriesGame of Thrones (TV)
Year Completed – 2014
Time to Build – 60 hours

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