Ragnar Lothbrok


About the Costume

Not since Prince Oberyn have I had such a costuming labour of love. This cosplay of Ragnar Lothbrok from the History Channel‘s awesome TV show Vikings stands as the longest amount of time that I’ve ever spent on creating a costume at around 1000 hours and best part of one year.

I happily scrapped and rebuilt entire sections of the armour and tunic whilst chasing 1:1 screen accuracy, and I can happily say that now that it’s complete, I achieved what I was aiming for.

The crux of my time for this was spent on the weaved armour, ensuring that every single cross, insertion, weave, and even weathering scratch precisely matched the original, and by the end I honestly feel that I can say that I know the intricate details of the costume better than probably anyone (I can immediately point out the three rings that don’t follow the standard weaving pattern, for example).

Initially, this costume was taken to DragonCon, and the reception was unbelievable. The Viking Raid that I participated with on Saturday night was incredible, and it was an amazing group to be a part of.

Full solo photoshoots should be happening sometime in late September, so be sure to look out for that

~ Andy

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Did You Know…

The armour for this cosplay requires 664 rings, and over 150m of leather cord.


Header Photo

Header Photo

Watters Mark Photography

Meta Information

Character – Ragnar Lothbrok
Year Completed – 2017
Time to Build – 1000 hours
Worn atDragonCon, 2017


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