Tyler Durden

Fight Club

About the Costume

I’m not sure that it’s possible not to like Tyler Durden as a character. I mean, he’s literally the walking embodiment of our percieved ideal selves. He has a attitude that just says “fuck it” and wants to watch the world burn, and a carefree but meticulous style, that though casual is instantly recognisable as his.

The majority of this cosplay was either purchased or commissioned (at the time, that glorious red leather jacket was beyond my skill set) but I handmade his trousers as they were simply not available off the shelf. I also had a suitcase filled with “Paper Street Soap Company” soaps, but unfortunately not many pictures of this part of the costume surfaced after wearing it.

I was accompanied for the day by Fuchsia Nova Cosplay as Marla Singer, and boy did she embody the role. She seriously nailed it, to the point that some of the photos of this costume were picked up and shared by the original author of the book, Chuck Palahniuk.

~ Andy

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Did You Know…

I like this cosplay so much that sometimes I just put it all on and go shopping in Asda as Tyler. Only one person has ever asked me about it.


Marla Singer

Marla Singer

Fushia Nova Cosplay

Header Photo

Header Photo

Carlos Adama

Meta Information

Character – Tyler Durden
FilmFight Club (1999)
Year Completed – 2014
Time to Build – 20 hours
Worn atLondon Film and Comic Con, 2014


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