Over the last few years, I’ve been fortunate enough to be approached for interviews and had my costuming work featured in a multitude of newspapers, TV stories, magazines, videos, blogs, and even a calendar; something that I’m always incredibly flattered and grateful for.

This is a small collection of some of those interviews and articles. If you’re interested in speaking to me about costuming, drop me a message via the contact page.

Cos Culture Magazine’s Game of Thrones feature

I’m not sure how many interviews I did around my Prince Oberyn cosplay in the end, or how many “best of Game of Thrones cosplay” blogs it’s been featured in (it’s easily 30+), but I think the most notable interview was when I was featured as part of a series in Cos Culture Magazine about the show. Really wonderful to be alongside so many cosplayers that I respect so highly.

Click the image or here to be taken to the online version of the magazine to see the full feature.

A Life in Costume

I was approached by local fellow cosplayer Danni and asked if I’d star as the central person in a documentary she was making for a film making university course, so I was of course happy to oblige. I actually adore this video. Every now and again I watch it back and it makes me smile.

Men vs Cosplay 2015 Calendar

Back in 2015, the organisers of Men vs Cosplay asked me to have a photo of my Vaas cosplay feature in their 2016 “Heroes vs Villains” calendar. Still odd to think I was on thousands of walls around the world for all of February this year.

See all the men in the calendar right here

LFCC “Definition of Insanity” Interview

The first cosplay interview I ever had, with the Gamert3k, at only my third con. This is the full unedited, no holds barred version, which I think is the funniest as you get to see all the dumb stuff we spoke about. Watch out for my elk orgasm noise.